The Beginning of the End

Challenge of Champions IX

1st April, 1371 DR

Arriving back in Waterdeep, the PCs do some last minute preparations for their upcoming mission. With their preparations complete, they turn their attention to the 9th Annual Challenge of Champions. They arrive to discover that another betting pool has been started, with the prize going to the winner amongst the participants. No one is willing to let the defending champs participate however.

Farthingale, the guildmaster of the Adventurers’ Guild, welcomes everyone and informs the Obliterators that they will be going first this year. After swimming, sliding, reading, swinging, eating, and running their way through the scenarios, the party climbs out of the final challenge victorious once again. While they did not achieve a perfect score like last time, they were still the clear winners, earning 390 out of 400 possible points.

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