The Beginning of the End

Matters of Vengence

4th April, 1370 DR

After their shopping spree was complete, a messenger from the Adventurer’s Guild asked the party if they would please come to the Guildhall for a meeting with a potential employer. The PCs are taken from the Guildhall to an inn where they meet Erim Holden, a middle-aged man who is the last descendant of his great-great-uncle Kaiius Holden. Erim wishes to reclaim the land that once belonged to his ancestor, and holds the deed to the property. When he arrived at the property however, he found “the living dead wielding swords” and “living shadows” all throughout the buildings. Lastly, he saw an armored figure standing in front of the manor with red lights shining where his eyes should be.

After fleeing back to Waterdeep, Erim sought out adventurers to rid his land of undead. The party agreed to the task, and set out the next morning. They arrived in late afternoon to find the small village more shadowed than the sun should allow at that time of day. As the party approached the buildings, shadows emerged from the unnatural darkness to confront them. Valkor and Kevros each lost a significant amount of strength, to the extent that they could barely move at battle’s end. After a couple of restoration spells, the party continued onward. More shadows were encountered throughout the smaller buildings untill all the village had been searched except for the manor itself.

As the PCs climbed the low hill toward the manor, armored, sword-wielding creatures attacked and were quickly slain. Guarding the manor’s entrance were four mercenaries; three bearing shield and sword, the other in wizard’s robes. After brief and futile diplomacy, combat ensues. The fighters engage the party while Valkor takes down the wizard just before he can enter the manor for reinforcements. The battle ends quickly and the party prepares to enter the manor.

In the entry hall they find a few more mercenaries, as well as more swordwraiths. While Balian, Kevros, and Valkor take down the undead, Hucknor parleys with the mercenaries, and convinces them to flee rather than fight. Continuing further into the house, the party finds a row of cells, one of which is occupied by Erim Holden. Erim tells them that he was kidnapped from Waterdeep within an hour of speaking with the PCs. As they speak with Erim, two more mercenaries enter to retrieve their prisoner. Hucknor again tried to convince these mercenaries that they were serving a monster and should surrender their weapons. He was obviously very persuasive as the mercenaries agreed to be locked up in the cells while the PCs hunted the lord of the manor.

After entering the rooms serving as the barracks for the mercenary company, and convincing nearly the whole lot of them to join their comrades in the cells, the party finally finds the room where their enemy was waiting. The death knight was not alone, but most of his minions were eliminated almost immediately. The undead tyrant and the mercenary leader were a little harder to take down… and I emphasize the word “little”. Bolt of glory again proved it’s worth, dealing some serious damage to the death knight, while Balian and Valkor quickly beat down the leader of the mercenaries.

After fulfilling their promise to unlock the mercenaries from their cells, the party stays with Erim Holden until his followers arrive from Waterdeep, having set off looking for their kidnapped leader. Once sure Erim would be safe, the PCs returned to Waterdeep to rest.

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