Great Wyrm Red Dragon (Deceased)


Ashardalon was an enormous and powereful red dragon that wrecked havoc throughout much of Faerûn. The Great Wyrm was the most feared dragon in the Realms at the time. Tales of his hoard were legendary, enough so that many an adventurer died trying to find it. After a reign of terror lasting hundreds of years, a group of druids, led by a druid named Dydd, sought out the red dragon and confronted him while he was ravaging the countryside. The battle that ensued was epic. After killing many of the druids, Ashardalon reared up and threw himself to the earth in an attempt to crush the druids’ leader. As the dragon fell toward her, Dydd raised her scimitar and pierced the dragon’s hide, ripping his heart from his chest. Raging after his mortal wounding, Ashardalon managed to kill all but three of the remaining Druids before Dydd banished him to the Abyss.

Desperate to save his life, Ashardalon took the balor Ammet as his heart, binding them together until one or the other dies. When his strength returned, Ashardalon traveled back to Faerûn, to the area now know as the Ashen Plain near Sembia, where he sought out the druid Dydd. Enhanced with demonic power, Ashardalon slayed the druid and burned everything in sight, then returned to the Outer Planes, never to be seen in Faerûn again.

Ashardalon now resides in the Positive Energy Plane, feasting upon pre-incarnate souls to extend his pitiful life.



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