Half-Ogre Fighter 15/Outcast Champion 5


Balian was named the leader of Iriaebor’s military because of his heroics in retaking and defending the city and the lands around it. While human in appearance (if rather large) thanks to a hat of disguise, Balian is a half-ogre and is 8 feet tall. His birth came as the result of an ogre/orc raid on his home village. Balian’s mother died in childbirth while staying with her sister in a town nearby. The sister and her husband raised their nephew as best they could, but his parentage made things difficult on all of them. When he was just 6 years old Balian was apprenticed to a blacksmith who saw the child’s strength and endurance as invaluable qualities. This man raised the boy as the son he never had until Balian was 18. During that time, the blacksmith and Balian attached themselves to the local military as armorers and weaponsmiths. Balian’s talent and skill quickly equaled his mentor’s, but some of his birth father’s thirst for violence left him with a desire to fight. Balian enlisted in the local militia in order for him to sate these urges in a constructive way; defending, not destroying.

Two years after joining the militia, a group of adventurers passed through and were aided by Balian’s skill as a warrior and craftsmen. When they left, Balian went with them to explore the world and seek out adventure. After many months, his traveling companions settled down in a keep that housed a gem mine. Balian’s nature would not let him remain idle for long, and he set off back home with a great deal of wealth to share with his aunt and uncle, and his former mentor.

He arrived back in his homeland to find that many towns and villages had been ravaged and destroyed by giant-led raiding parties of orcs and ogres. Balian discovered that the man who had been both master and surrogate father had taken ill and died, and his aunt and uncle were killed in the raids. As he grieved, he was filled with a desire for vengeance; not just for his own family and friends, but for all who had lost loved-ones to the more violent and brutal races of the Realms.

He set off on a crusade, of sorts, to rid the land of ogres and orcs, and those who would send them to battle. Other’s joined him in the months that followed. Some were men and women who had lost their families and sought revenge, but most were others like him; half-breeds, bastard children of orcs and ogres who saw it as their duty to insure that no other women would suffer the fate of their mothers. And so it was that in their travels they heard of Iriaebor’s plight and set off to drive the giants-led forces from the Sunset Vale.

After retaking the land and resettling the city, Iriaebor’s Marquis, Querchard, asked Balian to take command of the now leaderless Shield of Iriaebor. Balian decided to accept in order to distance himself from the dark, vengeful killer that he felt he had become. He is still a skilled armorer and weaponsmith, and he is an extraordinary leader for those who follow him.


Defining Moment

“…He succeed in dealing more than enough damage to kill Balian before he himself was finally brought down. Were it not for the healing skills of Hucknor, the half-ogre would have fallen just as Kevros had. After exploring the cave … two huge tigers charge out from the darkness. Balian loses more than half his hit points in the first round and Hucknor is forced to heal him…”

“Me Master, you Blaster!”


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