Darin Pevenil

Elf Fighter 8/Swashbuckler 3/Warmind 10


Darin was born in Evermeet, and mostly raised in Evermeet’s Royal Court. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him, and his father, Taeghen Amasaril, was often traveling as an ambassador for the Queen. Taeghen’s task was to maintain relations with the mainland, as well as monitor the situation throughout Faerûn to see if any action would be needed on Evermeet’s part.

While traveling the Realms, Taeghen fell in love with and married a half-elf woman named Lyrial Pevenil. At her request (and against his better judgement due to Evermeet’s stance on “half-breeds”), he brought his wife with him when he returned home. Lyrial was forcibly taken and killed as soon as she was discovered, and Taeghan was striped of his title and banished from Evermeet. Darin’s sister, Preia immediately disowned her father. Darin, still young by elven standards, wanted to see more of the world. He chose to travel with his father to Waterdeep.

After arriving on the mainland, Taeghen sent Darin to Silverymoon to expand his knowledge of the world and practice swordplay. Taeghen continued on to Cormyr where he had already developed some positive relationships. Once he had been accepted as a minor member of Cormyr’s nobility, Taeghen sent for Darin to come and live with him. Darin decided to take the surname that his father had taken; the surname of his deceased half-elven bride.

Darin’s training in Silverymoon quickly became valuable. After some time he was recruited to be a member of the Shadow Guard. His first assignment was to protect the court bard. While traveling with the court bard to Brindford across the Stormhorns, Darin met Princess Eriana and the two were soon to be betrothed when the events of Speaker in Dreams befell Brindford. After her kidnapping and death he decided to abandon his prior life and seek adventure and battle, but fate had other plans.

While traveling with a group of adventurers, Darin was killed. When this happened, an unknown magic whisked him back to Brindford and revived him. After escaping the town where he was wanted for murder, Darin returned in secret to Suzail, Cormyr’s capital city.

In the months that followed, he saw how fast Cormyr was falling into chaos, and who was pulling the strings. He managed to meet up with a revolutionary group led by the princess regent. Due to his experience and heritage, Darin quickly became a leader amongst the supporters of their now queen, Alusair. He currently serves as Lord High Marshall of the Kingdom and acting Lord High Protector of the Realm.


Defining Moment

Valkor: “Hey Darling…”
Darin: “Shut up!”

Darin Pevenil

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