Vampire Leader of the Cult of Ashardalon (Destroyed)


The leader of a dragon cult, Gulthias became a vampire after his master, The Great Wyrm Ashardalon, was defeated and banished by a group of druids. He sought undeath in order to prolong his life and await the return of his master. Many others of the cult also decided to kill themselves and allow Gulthias to raise them as undead. He was killed with a stake a long way from Nightfang Spire where the cult once served, but someone (actually the party) destroyed the tree that grew from the stake, thus freeing Gulthias. He returned to the Spire to rebuild the cult and discover a way to return Ashardolon to his rightful place. After only a month or so of rebuilding the cult, Gulthias was attacked and destroyed by the very adventurers who set him free.



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