Gnome Cleric 20/Ranger 2


Hucknor is a cleric of Baervan Wildwanderer, gnome god of travel and nature.


Defining Moment

“At this point, Gulthias is feeling pretty good about himself; his foes are weakened, he’s only cast a few of his many spells, his defenses would keep all but the most lucky of attacks from striking home, and in another moment he would become invisible again. Things seemed to be going well… Little did he know that the Master of Godly Might, Bane of All Undead, was firing the previously unheard of, but aptly named, Bolt of Glory in his direction. In the instant before the utter destruction of his very essence, he gazed wide-eyed at his diminutive foe, and vowed that if he somehow lived again, he would forever flee the presence of all gnomes.”


The Beginning of the End PadisharBrazil