Kevros Fletcher

Human Rogue 20/Fighter2


Kevros is the descendant of a powerful druid named Dydd.


Defining Moment

“On the far side of the girallon complex, Thiff shows the party a room that ignites with fire any time someone tries to leave. The rogue successfully detects two traps, not just one, that are a part of an altar to Ashardalon. After three attempts to disarm, all unsuccessful, Kevros notices writing on the now charred altar and calls Valkor in to translate. Valkor discovers that the writing is a riddle, and answers the question correctly (accidentally) by providing no answer at all. As a reward, a yellow beam shoots from the altar and strikes the dwarf in the chest, causing no small amount of pain. He leaves the room and no fire erupts. After three more failures by Kevros, Valkor has an idea that if the trap is magical, he may be able to dispel it. The rogue, however, pridefully insists that the trap is mechanical and continues trying to disarm the fire trap. After another ten failures (yes, that’s 16 total failures! …with a 45% chance of success!), Kevros finally admits that the trap is magical, and the dwarf walks in and dispels it on the first try (with a15% chance of success!). This experience has taught us two important lessons: First, foolish pride makes you lose your credibility (and your hair, and your clothes…). Second, if there was ever any doubt why rogues need evasion…”

Kevros Fletcher

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