Preia Amastasia

First Watcher of Evermeet


As First Watcher of Evermeet, Preia is responsible for guarding all magical portals on the island, as well as maintaining Evermeet’s mythal. She is the only one able to affect the mythal in any way.


Preia was mostly raised in Evermeet’s Royal Court. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to a son, and her father, Taeghen Amasaril, was often traveling as an ambassador for the Queen. His task was to maintain relations with the mainland, as well as monitor the situation throughout Faerûn to see if any action would be needed on Evermeet’s part.

While traveling the Realms, Taeghen fell in love with and married a half-elf woman named Lyrial Pevenil. At her request (and against his better judgement due to Evermeet’s stance on “half-breeds”), he brought his wife with him when he returned home. Lyrial was forcibly taken and killed as soon as she was discovered, and Taeghan was striped of his title and banished from Evermeet. Preia immediately disowned her father and took Amastasia as her new family name. (Amasaril = Brightstar; Amastasia = Starflower) Preia’s younger brother, Darin, too young to have truly matured (only 45 years old), wanted to see more of the world. He traveled with his father to Waterdeep.

Preia, heir to a now defunct noble house, was adopted into the family of the aging First Watcher of Evermeet. The Watcher took Preia under her wing and built upon her already strong magical knowledge. In short time (more than 20 years), Preia stepped into her mentor’s place as the First Watcher of Evermeet.

Having been raised in the Royal Court, Preia knew the children of Evermeet’s royalty and nobility quite well. After her appointment as First Watcher, the young love she shared with the Queen’s only son was allowed to grow into something more, and they were married within a year.

Preia Amastasia

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