Balian's Legacy


weapon (melee)

This weapon begins as a +1 greataxe. The legacy abilities of this weapon can only be unlocked by a good-aligned half-ogre or half-orc wielder. The Creature Compass ability grants benefits against creatures of the giant subtype for half-ogres, and creatures of the orc and goblin subtypes for half-orcs.

Wielder Attack Save Hit Point
Level Penalty Penalty Loss Abilities
5th Creature Compass-Giant or Orc/Goblin
6th 4 Resistance +1
8th -1 +2 greataxe
9th -1 2
10th Resistance +2
11th +3 greataxe
12th 2
13th -2 Constitution +4
15th 2
16th -2 +3 holy greataxe
17th heal self
18th -3 2
19th 2
20th 2 +4 holy ghost touch metaline greataxe
21st +6 holy ghost touch metaline greataxe
22nd 3
23rd 3
24th Strength +8

Balian's Legacy

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