Blade of Fiery Might

Huge Scimitar

weapon (melee)

Mighty efreeti wizards working on the Elemental Plane of Fire created this scimitar. The Grand Sultan of the efreet wielded it in a legendary battle with their enemies, the djinn. However, a cunning jann rogue working with adventurers managed to steal the blade from the sultan’s throne room and, with the help of great powers, shattered the blade and scattered its shards across the multiverse.

Intact, the Blade of Fiery Might is a Huge +5 unholy keen flaming burst scimitar. When drawn, the blade sheaths its wielder in a constant warm fire shield effect and grants a constant triple-strength arcane true seeing effect on its wielder. The sword’s great heat also deals 1d6 points of fire damage to anyone holding it each round. Finally, the wielder can rebuke or command fire creatures (as a 20th-level cleric) up to ten times each day. The blade is also intelligent (Int 11, Wis 19, Cha 22, Ego 28) and lawful evil. It only speaks Ignan, and prefers to communicate telepathically.


Blade of Fiery Might

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