Valkor's Legacy

Matches Deity's Weapon

weapon (melee)

This weapon begins as a +1 weapon. The powers of this weapon can only be unlocked by a good-aligned character who can cast Arcane spells and Divine spells. The character must take the Mystic Theurge prestige class at their earliest opportunity, and must progress to 10th level in the class before taking levels in any other class. As the character completes the least legacy ritual for this item, the weapon takes on the form of their deity’s favored weapon (unless the deity’s favored weapon is a ranged or exotic weapon, in which case it takes the form of the most common simple melee weapon used by their deity’s clergy). If the character is not proficient with the new weapon type, the character gains proficiency with Valkor’s Legacy, but not other weapons of that type.

Caster Arcane Divine
Wielder Level Spell Slot Spell Slot
Level Penalty Loss Loss Abilities
5th 1st
6th 1st Intelligence +2
7th -1 Arcane 2nd
8th 2nd Wisdom +4
9th -1 Divine
10th 3rd +2 keen/impact weapon
11th 3rd
12th 4th Magic Invulnerability
13th -2 Arcane 4th
14th Wizardry I
15th -2 Divine 5th
16th 5th Wizardry II
17th 6th
18th 6th Wizardry III
20th 7th Wizardry IV
21st Maximize Spell, Greater
22nd -3 hp
23rd -3 hp
24th persistent arcane spellsurge

Valkor's Legacy

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