Tag: Dalelands


  • Archenbridge

    While it is the largest city in the Dales, Archenbridge is still a small city by all but Dales standards. Its proximity to Sembia explains many of the similarities that Archenbridge has to its neighbors' markets, merchant houses, and investments. While on …

  • Hucknor

    h3. *Defining Moment* "At this point, Gulthias is feeling pretty good about himself; his foes are weakened, he's only cast a few of his many spells, his defenses would keep all but the most lucky of attacks from striking home, and in another moment he …

  • Valkor

    h3. *Defining Moment* "Rushing in, the rest of the party finds one of the predators blocking their way, and past the metal beast, Kevros, lying in a pool of his own blood. Thinking quickly, Valkor considered a dozen possibilities (well, 7 or 8... and …

  • Ditz

    h3. *Defining Moment* "Unfortunately, their travelling companion, Ditz, died in the process, smothered by an animated rug."