History of Cormyr

Cormyr, sometimes referred to as the Forest Kingdom, lies between the desert of Anauroch on the north and the Dragonmere to the south. The Thunder Peaks form the eastern border of Cormyr, and the Marsh of Tun the west.

The oldest human kingdom in Faerûn, Cormyr was founded in DR 26 (more than 1300 years ago) by Ondeth Obarskyr, descendant of the leader of the first human settlement north of the Sea of Fallen Stars. The Obarskyr family still rules today. When the former king, Azoun IV was slain protecting his kingdom, his grandson, Azoun V, was named king. Since he is still a toddler, his aunt Alusair Obarskyr, Azoun IV’s daughter, was named as Regent to rule in his stead until he comes of age.

Cormyr is a wet, temperate land, receiving abundant rain in summer and spring and plentiful snow in winter; it has long, cold winters and short but hot summers. The gentle spring and fall create rich green forests that yield to splendid autumn colors and healthy fields of grain that surrender up bountiful harvests. Fog is common along the seacoast, and there are often mists on the High Moors, extending into the pass at High Horn and the gorge north of Eveningstar.

Cormyr’s capital and largest city is Suzail. Situated on the Dragonmere, Suzail and Marsember grant Cormyr access to tradeways across the Sea of Fallen Stars. Cormyr’s naval fleet also sails from Suzail and Marsember.

Cormyr is most famous throughout Faerûn for 3 things:

1. The Purple Dragons: Cormyr has the 2nd largest paid army in Realms. At its heart stand the Purple Dragons, knights of skill and honor who have dedicated their lives to protecting their country. Fully integrated into the Purple Dragons are two other important groups: Battlepriests, who serve as leaders and medics in battle, and the Royal Scouts, elite scouts who are always assigned the toughest missions, and who often are sent as messengers directly from the crown. ( Waterdeep has the largest paid army. The army of Mulhorand is larger than Waterdeep’s, but the vast majority of their army regulars are slaves)

2. The War Wizards: The Cormyrean War Wizards are some of the most respected battle-mages in all Faerûn. Trained by experienced combat mages, they bring great power to the battlefield. Since their creation, they have been one of Cormyr’s most effective tools against subversion by foreign or hostile powers. Because of the War Wizards, mages are treated with respect (and a bit of fear) throughout the kingdom. The highest ranking War Wizards will often serve on the Council of Mages, a group that advises the king on matters pertaining to magic and magical threats within the kingdom.

3. The Cormyrean Destrier: Yes, a horse… but not just any horse! The Cormyrean Destrier is considered by all to be the finest warhorse in all of Faerûn. King Azoun I ordered and supervised their breeding sometime around 400 DR (almost 1000 years ago) from Nar and Thaurr stock. Although it is now encountered throughout western and northern Faerûn, the best Cormyrean Destriers are still found on the ranches outside Arabel and Waymoot. A mature stallion stands 17 hands (5 feet 8 inches) high at the withers and can weigh up to 2,200 pounds. It has wide-set, expressive eyes and a noticeably convex nose. It is often bay, brown, black, or gray, and costs more than 1 gp per pound, averaging 2,600 gp (a normal warhorse costs 680 gp).

Laws of Cormyr

  • All persons entering Cormyr must register with the officials of a border garrison.
  • Foreign currency can only be used in certain locations. Foreign coins must be exchanged for Cormyrean coins at your first opportunity. (Copper, silver, gold, and platinum pieces are referred to as thumbs, falcons, lions, and crowns respectively)
  • Adventuring groups and mercenary companies must acquire a charter before undertaking any operation as a group.
  • All weapons must be peace-bonded. The only persons exempt from this law are members of chartered adventuring groups or mercenary companies, and local militia.
  • You must bow your head to royalty and the local nobility.
  • Purple Dragons have the right to search you and your belongings upon request.
  • Hunting on private land is forbidden.
  • Harming cats is forbidden. (Cats are believed to be the eyes and messengers of the gods)

Map of Cormyr


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