Iriaebor is a large city in Sunset Vale in the Western Heartlands region of Faerûn. It stands on a sprawling ridge above the north fork of the river Chionthar. It is known as the Overland City and the City of a Thousand Spires. The ridge itself is known locally as The Tor.

The city is split into three sections: the Docks, at the bottom of the ridge on the river Chionthar, the Old City, built on the ridge itself, and the Lower City, on the flat lands below the ridge. Space is limited in the city, so the locals have simply built upwards. Many-storied towers rise from all over the city, joined to one another by bridges. The city streets are narrow and winding, covered in shadows.

The ruler of Iriaebor is the High Lady Respin Qualtaine, widow of Marquis Querchard Qualtaine. While not a native of the area, she is very loyal to Iriaebor and its citizens, and works tirelessly to ensure their well being.

Map of Iriaebor


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