“Suzail, the capital of the realm and Crown City of Cormyr, contains a busy port; the most beautiful gardens I’ve yet seen inside city walls anywhere; a magnificent palace; a large, labyrinthine, highly efficient Royal Court; the largest fortress of the Purple Dragons in all the realm; and the dwellings of thousands of hard-working, prosperous tradesfolk who seem to love their city. It is smaller, cleaner, and easier to get around in than most capitals I’ve seen in Faerûn, and it is home to some establishments that pleasantly surprise the visitor who turns away from the splendor of the Promenade and the Royal Gardens long enough to take the trouble to seek them out.”

~Volothamp Geddarm

The capital city of Cormyr is a bustling, prosperous place; the monetary and cultural heart of the realm. It’’s always afire with new ideas, new ventures, new things to buy, and fresh ways of doing things. Fashion in Cormyr is set in Suzail, and with each passing year the city grows more important across Faerûn as a center of learning. The Regent, Alusair Obarskyr, vigorously eradicates all attempts to form thieves’ guilds and smuggling cabals, making this one of the safest cities in the Realms. It is also one of the wealthiest and cleanest; a place travelers love to visit and revisit.

Purple Dragon street patrols are numerous, and at any sign of trouble war wizards visibly accompany the soldiers. Curfews are also placed on the city to make it clear to all that no lawlessness is tolerated in Suzail. It should be noted that folk who have lawful business at night, —loading or unloading a ship or shop delivery cart for example, —can always get license to break curfew, but they find themselves under the watchful eyes of an escort of at least three Purple Dragons all the time they’re doing so.

As befits a busy trading center, the guards on the gate are always courteous to visitors unless their unseen war wizard overwatcher speaks within their heads to warn them they’re facing a Zhentarim spy or other evil mage, disguised monster, or known traitor to the Crown. Be advised that telling an intentional untruth to a guard on watch is an offense; it earns a Cormyrean a fine and placement on the ongoing list of people to question carefully for a year, but usually wins an outlander a ban from entering the city on the spot.



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