The Beginning of the End

Challenge of Champions VIII

1st April, 1370 DR

The party convinces Balian to join them in their travels, and they set off on the 4 month journey to Waterdeep. When they arrive in the City of Splendors, they are told that they must register a charter with the Adventurers Guild. While there, they also discover that the Guild will be hosting the 8th Annual Challenge of Champions in two days. Intrigued, the PCs decide to test their wits in the Challenge. When registering, the guildmember asks for the name of their adventuring party. Having not really considered this before, there is quite a bit of discussion before finally settling on The Obliterators.

The day of the Challenge of Champions arrives, and the party takes on the 10 scenarios. Whether by dumb luck or sound reasoning, using up most of their time or figuring it out in seconds, the PCs successfully complete all of the scenarios. While waiting for the final teams to finish, an arrogant band of dwarves called the Squad of the Skull places a wager with the Obliterators that they would finish with a higher score. The PCs wisely accept and receive 400gp as a result.

The PCs become the first team ever to achieve a perfect score and are named the undisputed champions. The characters are now lifetime members of the Adventurer’s Guild. With the Challenge complete, the shopping begins…

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