The Beginning of the End

Forge of Fury

2nd September, 1369 DR

After deciding to see the world and perhaps go as far as Waterdeep, the party traveled through Brindford in the far western reaches of Cormyr where Darin Pevenil, apprentice to the court bard of Cormyr, took the PCs to meet Baron Althon Obarskyr, who sent them on a quest to retrieve items forged by the dwarf Durgeddin many years ago. The mountain fortress where Durgeddin kept his forge is said to have been overrun by orcs. Darin lead the party to the mountain where they cleared the orcs from the fortress and recovered much treasure. Unfortunately, their travelling companion, Ditz, died in the process, smothered by an animated rug. The party needed to return to Brindford, where the town was preparing for a large fair, in order to obtain a wagon to transport the great amount of wealth that was discovered. When they returned they found Brindford in turmoil, and sought to discover its source.

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