The Beginning of the End

Speaker in Dreams

21st September, 1369 DR

Brindford is in a state of chaos: killings throughout the city, merchants being robbed daily, and the local wizard’s guild (now calling themselves Those Who Hear) seeming to be out of their minds. After being joined by a young halfing thief named Clad Thorngreen, the PCs find grimlocks causing most of the killings, wererats as the primary source of theft, and “the chosen”, the leader of the guild, directing her mages to kidnapping and general insanity. After all these threats appear to be dealt with, and a feast is held in the PCs’ honor, the party is attacked by assassins lead by an ogre-mage. After this attack, Baron Althon Obarskyr declares a state of marshal law in the city, barring all gates, and placing infernal creatures to watch over the walls and streets. The party discovers that Althon is under the control of an illithid. The mind-flayer and its minions are defeated, but Princess Eriana is kidnapped.

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