The Beginning of the End

To Rescue a Princess

27th September, 1369 DR

The mind-flayer and its minions are defeated, but Princess Eriana is kidnapped. The PCs set out after her and are confronted by a band of mercenaries, led by a member of the Shadow Guard, who attempt to arrest the party for the murder of of both the princess and the king. After defeating the kidnappers, the party is attacked in the night by werewolves and warned to turn back. The party continues on and finds an abandoned keep guarded by more werewolves and a black dragon. Their final enemy turns out to be the princess herself who was being controlled by an unknown being. She tells the party as she is dying to not try to avenge her death because the one who caused all of this was too powerful for them to defeat. She tells the PCs to leave Cormyr and return when they are more experienced and better equipped.

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