Alusair Obarskyr

Princess Regent of Cormyr (Deceased?)


Alusair Obarskyr is the Princess-Regent of Cormyr and the aunt of the Infant King, Azoun V. When Alusair’s father, Azoun IV, died slaying the “Devil Dragon,” Nalavarauthatoryl the Red, her nephew Azoun V, the only child of her deceased elder sister, was named as the heir to the throne. Alusair was named as Regent for her nephew, and immediately gained the title of “Steel Regent” from the people, due to her tough demeanor. In the two years since her father’s death, Alusair has quickly changed the people’s opinion of her. While she can be very direct and even a bit harsh, she has proven to her people through word and deed that she loves and cares for her people, and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and well.

Baron Althon has told the people that Alusair and her nephew were assassinated by the Royal Magician, Caladnei, who was being manipulated by Fire Knives working out of the Dragon Coast city-states. Alusair actually escaped Althon’s treachery thanks to Caladnei. Alusair is currently with a growing force of Cormyran loyals who are camped in the Sunset Vale near Iriaebor.


Alusair Obarskyr

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