Baron Althon Obarskyr

King of Cormyr


Until very recently, Baron Althon was the Warden of the Western Marches, ruler of the western reaches of Cormyr and third in line for the throne. He sent the PCs to the Forge of Fury. When they returned, Brindford was in turmoil and Althon was acting strangely due to the Speaker in Dreams, an Illithid controlling and corrupting many throughout the city. After the death of the mind flayer, the PCs left to rescue Althon’s daughter, Eriana. They found that a very powerful being was attempting to control her as part of some greater plot.

About a month after the PCs left Cormyr, the aging Lord High Protector of the Realm, Lord Partic Thistle Obarskyr, second in line to the throne, died. Despite many believing he had died of old age (if only a little early), evidence was found that Sembian spies may have poisoned him. The Princess Regent, the Infant King’s aunt Alusair, summoned Althon to Suzail to assume the role of Lord High Protector. Just 6 weeks later, Caladnei, Royal Magician and head of the War Wizards, assassinated the Infant King, the Dowager Queen, and the Princess Regent, killing herself in the process. Caladnei was exonerated, however, after Althon uncovered plots against Cormyr linked to a number of the city-states along the Dragon Coast, including the methods of Caladnei’s manipulation.

Althon has been crowned as king, and has mobilized the army in order to avenge the deaths of Azoun V, Alusair, Filfaeril, Lord Thistle, and Caladnei. The Cormyrean military marched east, conquering Sembia quickly and decisively. Then the moved south, crossing the bridge to Proskur and taking everything along the Trader’s Road, from Easting to Westgate (Westgate is still under siege). They are now slowly occupying each of the Dales “in order to protect them from the rising Zhentarim threat.”

Unfortunately, the truth is far more sinister. The real Baron Althon was killed within hours of the PCs leaving Brindford to track down Eriana. The mastermind of all that had occured in Brindford, a shape-changing servant of Bhaal named Kazgaroth, assumed Althon’s appearance and began to rule in his stead. In the months that followed, he plotted to have the Lord High Protector of the Realm, the Princess Regent, the Dowager Queen, and the Infant King all disposed of, with the blame placed on Caladnei, the Royal Magician of Cormyr and the leader of the War Wizards.


Baron Althon Obarskyr

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