Kazgaroth The Beast

Minion of Bhaal


The body of this massive creature resembles a tyrannosaur, although its forelimbs are similar in size to its hindlegs. Its beady eyes glow a fierce red, while its gigantic maw drips a steady stream of saliva that sizzles as it strikes the ground. Its thick, powerful tail lashes and bats the ground furiously, as it balances on its heavy, clawed hindlegs.


Kazgaroth the Beast is a powerful minion of Bhaal who last appeared on the Moonshae Isles. His origin is lost to the mists of time, but he is at least 5 centuries old.

A potent shapeshifter, Kazgaroth moves unnoticed throughout the Realms, doing his dark deity’s bidding or furthering his own foul schemes. His favorite schemes generally involve slaying a powerful leader and assuming his or her place. Kazgaroth’s ability to create lycanthropes provides him with an ever-growing army of shapechangers. He rounds out his troops with his powerful ability to change an entire battalion of warriors into undead servants known as blood warriors.

Kazgaroth draws power from the death, decay, and corruption he causes. He has long battled the Earthmother (Chauntea-Greater Deity) and her minions, and is considered one of the greatest threats to the natural order in Faerûn by druids, rangers, and other champions of nature.

Although Kazgaroth can be slain, he always rises again a few years later to once again terrorize the Realms. It is said that only the legendary Sword of Cymrych Hugh can permanently destroy the Beast. Even then, his essence may live on within the Heart of Kazgaroth, a black, stonelike artifact of great power.

Kazgaroth is 30 feet long, stands 18 feet tall, and weighs 3 tons.

Kazgaroth speaks Abyssal, Common, Giant, and Illuskan.

Kazgaroth The Beast

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