Campaign Summary

The Sunless Citadel
PCs: Ditz, Fervor, Hucknor, Valkor

Seeking out the source of the mysterious fruit that goblins have been selling to the people of Archenbridge, the party traveled to a temple that sunk into the earth long ago. The PCs discovered that the Citadel was once a temple to the great dragon Ashardalon. Eventually they found that the source of the fruit was an evil tree, called the Gulthias Tree. After defeating the crazy Druid caring for the tree, the party burned it down to prevent more twig blights from forming.

The Forge of Fury
PCs: Darin, Ditz, Fervor, Hucknor, Valkor

After deciding to travel to Waterdeep, the party traveled through Brindford in the far western reaches of Cormyr where they were sent on a quest to retrieve items forged by the dwarf Durgeddin many years ago. The mountain fortress where Durgeddin kept his forge had been overrun by orcs. Darin lead the party to the mountain where they cleared the orcs from the fortress and recovered much treasure. Unfortunately, their travelling companion, Ditz, died in the process, smothered by an animated rug. When they returned, they found Brindford in turmoil.

The Speaker in Dreams
PCs: Darin, Clad, Fervor, Hucknor, Valkor

Brindford was in a state of chaos: killings throughout the city, merchants being robbed daily, and the local wizard’s guild seeming to be out of their minds. The PCs found grimlocks causing most of the killings, wererats were the primary source of theft, and the leader of the wizard’s guild was directing her mages to kidnapping and general insanity. After all these threats appeared to be dealt with, and a feast was held in the PCs’ honor, the party was attacked by assassins. After this attack, Baron Althon declared a state of marshal law in the city, barring all the gates, and placing infernal creatures to watch over the walls and streets. The party discovered that Althon was under the control of an illithid. The mind-flayer and its minions were defeated, but Princess Eriana was kidnapped.

To Rescue a Princess
PCs: Darin, Clad, Fervor, Hucknor, Valkor

The PCs set out after Eriana and were confronted by a band of mercenaries, led by a member of the Shadow Guard, who attempted to arrest the party for the murder of of both the princess and the king. After defeating the kidnappers, the party was attacked in the night by werewolves and warned to turn back. The party continued on and found the abandoned keep where Eriana was being kept. Their final enemy turned out to be the princess herself who was controlled by an unknown being. She told the party as she was dying that the one who caused all of this was too powerful for them to defeat. She told the PCs to leave Cormyr and return when they were more experienced and better equipped.

Environmental Impact
PCs: Darin, Clad, Fervor, Hucknor, Valkor

The party left Cormyr on their way to Waterdeep and arrived in Proskur with a literal wagon-load of treasure. How do you keep your things safe in a town run by thieves? Befriend the owners of an inn who’s son is missing. The PCs set off into the mountains to a town that supplies Proskur with ale. The weather was strangely warm for the fall, and the townspeople were on edge because of a local druid gone mad. It turned out the druid was killed by evil plants. The PCs eliminated the threat and the weather returned to normal. They found the innkeepers’ son and returned him to Proskur with the missing ale.

Heart of Nightfang Spire
PCs: Darin, Clad, Fervor, Hucknor, Kevros, Valkor

The PCs heard rumors of a tower in the wilderness to the south of Proskur guarded by giants and a dragon. The party found the tower and descended its interior. This place was once home to the Cult of Ashardalon. Gulthias, the vampire leader of the cult, had been staked beneath a temple of Ashardalon near Archenbridge. In time, a tree grew from the stake. When the party burned down the tree, Gulthias was freed. He went to the tower and began to prepare the way for Ashardalon’s return. As the party descended deeper into the tower, Clad was turned into a spectre and then killed. Kevros was later freed and joined the group. While exploring the catacombs beneath the tower, Darin was struck down, then disappeared. After being joined by Fervor’s brother, the party gained entry to the core of the tower, and defeated Gulthais in dramatic, yet anti-climactic, fashion.

City of Shadows
PCs: Balian, Hucknor, Kevros, Valkor

The party traveled to Iriaebor and met Balian. They worked together to discover that the city’s missing ruler, Marquis Querchard Qualtaine, was imprisoned beneath the keep because he had gone insane. They were forced to kill him, and found proof that he was being controlled by an Abyssal entity called the Malgoth. They traveled into the Sunset Mountains to find Ilkharis, the frost giant cleric whose unholy magic tied the Malgoth to Iriaebor. They reached the giants’ stronghold only to find that Ilkharis had been taken by drow who want to defeat the Malgoth in order to gain control over the city for themselves. The party tracked down the drow and found Ilkharis near death. He told them how to force the Malgoth into the open so that he could be defeated. The PCs returned to Iriaebor to find the city shrouded in thick, unnatural fog, and everyone trapped in their homes. After forcing the Malgoth to materialize, the demon was quickly slain. Order was restored to Iriaebor, and Balian decided to travel to Waterdeep with the party.

Challenge of Champions VIII
PCs: Balian, Hucknor, Kevros, Valkor

When the party arrived in the City of Splendors, they were told that they had to register a charter with the Adventurers Guild. While there, they also discovered that the Guild would be hosting the 8th Annual Challenge of Champions in two days. Intrigued, the PCs decided to test their wits in the Challenge. When registering their charter, the they finally came up with a name for their group: The Obliterators. The day of the Challenge of Champions arrived, and the party took on the 10 scenarios. Whether by dumb luck or sound reasoning, the PCs successfully completed all of the scenarios, becoming the first team ever to achieve a perfect score. The characters were made lifetime members of the Adventurer’s Guild, then began an epic shopping spree.

Matters of Vengence
PCs: Balian, Hucknor, Kevros, Valkor

The party was asked to help a man named Erim Holden to reclaim his ancestor’s estate from the undead who had taken residence. This task was made more difficult because a group of mercenaries was supporting the undead’s death knight leader. The PCs were able to talk most of the mercenaries into surrendering, but the death knight and his undead minions fought to the end. Just before confronting the death knight himself, the party discovered that Erim had been captured by the mercenaries and brought there ahead of them to be sacrificed. In slaying the death knight and the mercenary leader, the PCs not only rid Erim’s estate of its unlawful inhabitants, but also saved Erim’s life in the knick of time.

Lord of the Iron Fortress
PCs: Balian, Hucknor, Kevros, McSquid, Valkor, Zyzyxx

When Brian the Swordmaster was found dead, and a large shipment of adamantine didn’t arrive in Waterdeep, Lord Piergeiron and Khelben “Blackstaff” asked the party and Zyzyxx to travel to Rigus to investigate. The merchant who sold the adamantine to Brian directed them to the “lost cube” of Kolyoral in Acheron. After arriving in Acheron, the party learned of Imperagon, and his plot to conquer Faerûn. They traveled to Kolyoral and fought their way into Imperagon’s fortress. Inside they freed McSquid from his illithid masters and he asked to join them. In the basement they found a huge forge manned by a few dozen dead forgemasters, including Brian and Durgeddin. The party then ascended to the upper levels where they confronted Imperagon at last. When the half-dragon and his lackeys were dealt with and the forgemasters’ souls released, the PCs returned to Waterdeep.

Bastion of Broken Souls
PCs: Balian, Hucknor, Kevros, McSquid, Valkor

The party returned to Waterdeep to find that more than 10 months had passed in the short time they were away. They also learned that Cormyr was conquering the lands all about them, and many babies were being born without souls. Lord Piergeiron sent the PCs to speak with Malchor Harpell to see what could be learned about this since attempts to gain information from the deities had been met with silence. Malchor told them about the Ban of the Unborn and directed them to the Church of the Elements. There they spoke with a magical druid tree that told them to go speak with “the Dreamer” at the Guild of Sleep in Tethyr. The tree also told them that Ashardalon is the reason for the soulless births, and that Kevros is a descendant of Dydd and may have some power over the dragon. At the Guild of Sleep they learned that the exiled god Desayeus still had a piece of his soul totem, which would grant entry into the Bastion of Unborn Souls. The party traveled to Pandemonium, gained entry to Desayeus’s prison, and defeated the fallen deity and his followers. Having obtained the soul totem, they traveled to the Positive Energy Plane. After entering the Bastion, they began clearing out the areas around the Core before facing Ashardalon. When they finally entered the Core, they found the largest creature they have ever seen. Kevros evoked the curse of Dydd and the great wyrm was quickly brought to bare. As they exit the Bastion, five powerful beings of the Positive Energy Plane thanked them for cleansing the Font of Life, and blessed them with an unknown blessing. Then, as they attempted to return home, they were instead transported to a forest clearing where they were met by the elven deity Aranel Hawkeye. He told them that they are needed for a vital quest. After they party agreed they were sent back to Waterdeep and told to return in four days.

Challenge of Champions IX
PCs: Hucknor, Kevros, McSquid, Valkor

Upon returning back to Waterdeep, Balian was informed that he was needed back in Iriaebor, and the half-ogre left immediately. The remaining four heroes competed once again in the Challenge of Champions. While they still emerged as the victors, they were unable to achieve a perfect score this time. Two days after the Challenge, they returned to speak with Aranel once again.

The Beginning of the End
PCs: Hucknor, Kevros, McSquid, Valkor

Aranel told the party that they need to help a particular elf; not only for the sake of the elves, but for all of Faerûn. Then four deities bestowed four gifts upon the four heroes. With these powerful items in hand, the party set off to Baldur’s Gate to find the elf they seek. After two days of waiting, the party found the elf and his travelling companion. They learned that the First Watcher of Evermeet had been abducted and they were trying to track her down. After fighting through lycanthropes at the gate, the party was attacked on the road by powerful beasts led by a follower of Bane as they followed the trail. After crossing into the Sunset Vale, they encountered a Cormyrean liberation force led by Alusair Obarskyr, the princess regent of Cormyr who was thought to be dead. While her army marched toward Cormyr’s capital city of Suzail, the party took a secret route under the Stormhorns in order to get there days earlier. They confronted King Althon and accused him of murdering the royal family and kidnapping Preia. Althon revealed himself to be Kazgaroth The Beast, and tried to kill the party with the help of Preia, whose mind had been overcome by powerful magic. The PCs slay Kazgaroth and free Preia; victorious once again. When the people learn who was really leading them they welcome their rightful queen with open arms.

But something is still not right with the world; something dark and sinister has begun that cannot be stopped…

“You fools have no idea what is happening. Defeating me will not be the end of this.
This is just the beginning of something marvelous. It is … the beginning of the end.”

~ Kazgaroth the Beast, just moments before his most recent death, 19th April, 1371 DR

Campaign Summary

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